Origanizations and Networks – Slovakia

Interactive Game: My Family

This is a financial simulator of games for children and primary schools through interactive games and challenges. The game builds pupils' awareness of elementary financial literacy in a form that is close to the pupils - electronic play, chatbot, social networks. Thanks to this form of teaching, a more active approach of pupils can be expected. During the game, the pupil is the family manager. He manages a 4-member family in their house so that they can pay economically and at the same time be healthy and happy. The goal of the game is to save on holiday for a virtual family for 5 months. The game runs in 5 rounds. In each round, the pupil has to make a number of decisions from paying food through buying clothes to deciding whether the whole family will go to work during the weekend. In the course of the game, the expenses and revenues change as well as the happiness factor of the individual family members.


Party Game: Financial Freedom

As a part of the support of education at Slovak schools and society as a whole is also there is also the family game Financial Freedom, whose basic objective is to improve financial literacy. During the game with the moderator, 6 - 30 participants take care of the financial planning of a fictitious family. Everyone gets a custody of a married couple at the age of 30 and goes through them for 30 years of their lives. Closing their financial products, they face different pitfalls of life. They advise them on a number of financial opportunities, whether and how to use them.


Financial Odyssey

Financial Odyssey is a purely Slovak game about working with personal finances and managing life risks. Thanks to the variable game system, each game is unique. Using a sophisticated strategy of investing, lending, setting up businesses, renting ... (etc.), players create passive income and enhance their assets. Finally, they free themselves from all debts and create a living space with decent passive income. The one who manages it first will win the game - financial freedom. Players do not compete with each other, they can learn a lot from each other. The game also brings unexpected situations that can fundamentally change players' positions. The smartest one with the best wit and the right amount of luck.


Young entrepreneur Organization

One of the core objectives of the Young Entrepreneur is to provide financial literacy education at primary and secondary schools across Slovakia. The organization has already trained more than 2433 pupils and students and its topics are divided into the following areas: Introduction to Financial Literacy - Household Economy, Loans and Risks, Savings, Investing and Insurance, Financial Decisions in Life Stages, Cross-curricular Topics. The organization carries out individual activities in the form of lectures, workshops and events and uses various modern methods such as snowballing method and learning by doing.


Small Finance Academy

The aim of the project is to teach pupils not only financial literacy, but also teamwork and developing their creativity. The Small Finance Academy is primarily intended for pupils of the 3rd and 4th grades of primary schools. Each class that gets involved in the project will receive a starter pack where the teacher will find all the necessary materials and tools for the children. The package will include an original methodological guide with activities for children and access to interactive material. It will also include a complete set of items necessary for the realization of the game "Our City", which is an integral part of the project activities.


Learning module ME and MONEY

The ME and MONEY Training Program provides teachers at primary school with the opportunity to educate their pupils in financial literacy through experiential learning. The entire program is compiled in accordance with the National Financial Literacy Standard.