Origanizations and Networks – Italy

General information

This portal is entirely dedicated to financial education in Italy. In the website is possible to find some advice and tools to take better financial decisions. There is also a section dedicated to news and events in Italy regarding economic and financial education. This website has been created by the Committee of Planning and Coordination of Financial Education.


Guides on most common banking and financial products

These guides, developed by the Bank of Italy, uses a simple language to help consumers understand the characteristics of some of the most common banking and financial products and make informed choices by comparing different offers on the market.. These guides aims at favouring more informed financial decisions through the comparison of different market offers.


Web portal about insurance education

The website of IVASS, the institute for the insurance surveillance, dedicated a section to insurance education. its goal is to provide citizens, young or not, informative tools that are simple and clear about the main themes of this sector. These information are useful to make more conscious decisions and improve personal welfare and security.


Games and tests for investor education

The Italian authority for the surveillance of financial market, reserves a space in its website to financial education games for young. The aim is to access to a series of interactive tools to verify and improve users’ capacity of planning the expenses, monitor the budget, evaluate financial literacy, understand risk propensity and identify cognitive limits and behavioural pitfalls.


General information

The website of Feduf, the foundation for Financial and Saving Education, has different contents: videos, tests and articles for who want to improve his/her level of financial education. it also promotes different events in Italian territory.


Money Management guide

This website born from an idea of FEDUF to particularly help population, both young and adults, to better manage their money. The website proposes all the necessary information to orienteering among all the choices about money.


Finance for All” – Online course of financial basics

Politecnico di Milano, an Italian technical university, developed a portal for online courses held by its professors. Among them, there is the course of basic finance and economic that last from February to September, aiming at helping students in making financial decisions, e.g. the opening of a bank account, the loan’s choice or how investing savings.


Monitoring Italian financial education programs

the National Observatory for financial and economic education, aims at monitoring programs, interventions and initiatives about financial education over the Italian territory. In the website is possible to find a documentation of all of them, allowing people to better realize the relevance of financial education in Italy and to create a space where different actors have the possibility to know each other through the consultation of the different initiatives.