Origanizations and Networks – Estonia

Budget management

Tool for budgeting. Budgeting tool is in Estonian.


General and personal information about pension

Pensionikeskus (Pension Centre) has launched a website with general information about Estonian pension system and detailed information about state, mandatory and voluntary pension pillars. Short and long term statistics about mandatory and voluntary pension funds is available. It is possible to log in into personal pension account and have a detailed overview about personal mandatory and/or voluntary pension fund value. Website is in three languages: Estonian, Russian and English.


Guidelines for managing personal finances (for students)

Foundation Innove is an education competence center that coordinates and promotes general and vocational education in Estonia. Innove has launched a website for students that covers practical information about money matters: setting goals, budgeting, career planning, saving, investing, loans, financing studies etc. Website is in Estonian.


Budget management

Tool for budgeting, with a possibilty for exporting data from personal bank account. Budgeting tool is in Estonian.


Guidelines and tools for managing personal finances

Estonian Financial Supervision Authority has launched a website that covers all the topics of personal finances: setting goals, budgeting, saving, investing, loans, debts arrangement, pension etc. Useful tools for budgeting, calculating interest for savings and loans, comparison of mandatory and voluntary pension fund fees and conditions etc. Website is both in Estonian and in Russian.


Information about debts

Lawyers of Eesti Õigusbüroo, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, provide information about debts, rights and laws of debt owner. Website is both in Estonian and in Russian.


Consumer web My Money


Information about internet security: Information System Authority


Consumer Protection Office


Financial Supervision Authority


Estonian Banking Association


Statistics Estonia


Social security (benefits, pensions etc)


Stateportal - gateway to government information and e-services