Bottom-up course materials

In the Flemish Community of Belgium, the ‘King Baudouin Foundation’ governs a Fund for Financial Literacy. The Fund is chaired by Kristof De Witte, also coordinator of the EUfin project.

EUFin Didactical Material

As part of the project activities, the EUFin team developed didactic materials to improve knowledge, abilities and attitudes in financial literacy for secondary school students.

Never too late to learn

Being financially educated means (also) managing money with care and consciousness and this is something that mainly adults deal with.

The Tax (Educational) Game MAJLAND

The Financial Administration prepared an educational game for primary school pupils. The online game called MAJLAND explains playfully what taxes are used for and why paying them is important.

The Day for Schools event was a success

The Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic in cooperation with the Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic organised the first year of a big event for children and their teachers called the Day for Schools.