The Students in the role of Teachers

The 5th year of financial education for pupils from the elementary church school of R. Zaymus in Žilina began on November 14, 2019.

The students of the  Business Academy in Žilina, led by Renata Fojcikova, explained the evolution of money in the historical context to the pupils. They outlined the security features of the banknotes and taught pupils to recognise them. The pupils also had the opportunity to see the banknotes under the UV lamp. The following presentation about coins was interesting as well, while the pupils learned to recognise the coins based on their edges. As an exercise, the students covered the pupils' eyes that were supposed to determine the value of the coin by touching its edge, and each of them succeeded. In the end, the students verified the pupils' knowledge by an exam which was passed by all pupils.

To make the situation more interesting, the students were divided into four groups by colours (blue, yellow, red, green). The educational activities took place in a pleasant, creative and entertaining atmosphere.