The research day @Italian Ministry of Economics

Text: Marta Cannistrà, Politecnico di Milano

Italian Ministry of Education and Research sets an important week during the month of October: the research week. Many official meeting have been taken place in Rome: the topics covered were a lot, from healthcare to mobility, then a time window has been reserved for financial education. 

The President of Italian Committee for the promotion and coordination of financial education activities, Annamaria Lusardi, held the meeting inviting many young researchers from different cities, all involved into financial literacy programs and research. Politecnico di Milano also joined the event, which is arrived to its second edition. 

The core part of the event was represented by the discussion of possible actions and activities, Italian universities can undertake to set a common ground of research and practices. The discussion was particularly interesting and ferment: everyone felt the importance of the topic and the necessity to create an Italian network for researchers and practitioners linked to financial literacy. Professor Lusardi left space for future collaborations, too, proposing the Committee as centre of aggregation for these types of activities. 

In our opinion the efforts the Economics and Education ministries are spending are really interesting and active. Together with it, we are aware of the fact that the road for financial literacy in Italy is still long but all these activities are setting the stage to behave in the correct manner.