The release of the portal - financial education

“Economics for Everyone”: The release of  the portal about financial education by Bank of Italy 

The importance of having financially educated people is particularly felt by the Bank of Italy, which aim is to protect consumers against possible difficulties and problems into the financial world. For this reason, together with the numerous initiatives and didactic materials developed, the Bank of Italy has just launched a new website portal called “Economs for everyone”.

The portal contains news, videos, calculators, games and infographics that will allow in improving financial education competences for young and older people, students and workers. The aim is to let everyone to orienteer into financial world, from money management to the use of credit and debit cards. The key message is that a correct use and a deeper understanding of the financial market allows people to save money and make more conscious decisions. In fact, some financial mistakes are repetitive and common among the population.

The basic idea is to divide the portal into five sections: budgeting, paying, borrowing, saving and investing. Then, each of them presents interesting infographics about the general meaning of the section, the available tools and their possible use, with advantages and disadvantages. Together with the infographics, every part presents sheets that allow user to deepen the knowledge about the topic. Each of them lets to briefly understand the rules about the topic, the recurrent mistakes and its main characteristics. Lastly, at the end of each sheet, the definition of some repeated words is explained. For some topics are also available quizzes and games.

The portal (both in Italian and English version) is available at this link: