The Day for Schools event was a success

We care about the education of our little ones. The Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic in cooperation with the Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic organised the first year of a big event for children and their teachers called "the Day for Schools".

 Directly at the Ministry, we welcomed almost 300 fifth-graders of primary schools who were not only entertained, but mainly educated. Our employees have prepared special thematic lectures, the main aim of which was to teach pupils how to manage money properly, where the money comes from or what its value is.

 “The  children are special and the most grateful audience. I saw that they liked our  lectures and I believe that they have brought a lot of important information  that they will need in their lives,” said Peter Mikloš, the Director of the Department of Financial Consumer Protection at the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic.

 The programme for pupils was prepared by employees of the Financial Administration and the Customs office. Customs officers provided samples of seized goods, but the biggest attraction was dynamic demonstrations and a simulated intervention by a special unit of the Financial Administration. The children also met with the Minister of Finance, Mr Ladislav Kamenický, who prepared special gifts for everyone. Every child had the opportunity to sit in the chair of the Minister.

 “Nowadays,  finances are often forgotten when it comes to educating people. However, we  have to realise that children have come into contact with money from an early  age and have heard about their value from older people. I am glad that the  Ministry has taken the role of education under the patronage and I believe that  similar actions will continue”, said the Minister.

 The Day for Schools project is not the only one by which the Ministry aims to increase financial literacy. The resort has been training teachers every month for over a year. Hundreds of educational activities for children and seniors are also organised by the Financial Administration.

 Press Department

 Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic