New online learning material for Estonian schools

New online learning material for  Estonian schools

NGO Rahatarkus, one of the partners  of EUFin project, launched a brand new online learning material helping young  people to make considered choices in their studies, personal finances and  career.

It is especially timely as it was finished by the beginning of the corona crisis that has made all schools to teach online only. Therefore it helps teachers in the new situation to teach making considered life choices using a brand new digital resource for it.

E-learning material (in Estonian language) includes 11 short films made by the students of Tallinn Secondary School No 32 on various life choices people in age 15–19 have.

To help teachers in using the resource, supportive materials were composed on each of the 11 topics composing the e-learning material. Supportive materials contain further explanations of the topics and suggestions for exercises, group assignments and discussions.

The project was funded by SA Innove from European Social Fund resources.