Does borrowing cost that much?

Erik van Dijk, economics teacher has a mission: he wishes to teach pupils to get a solid basis for sensible financial behaviour. He is using the teaching package that forms part of the curriculum “Money and I”.

Learning by playing

Teacher Inge Castryck recommends using the learning materials developed by secondary school teachers and university lecturers from Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Slovakia and Estonia.

Financial literacy via MS Teams

Even in these difficult times of distant form of education we do not remiss in our duties and continue in developing skills and acquiring new knowledge in the field of financial literacy.

Good, but not brilliant

Despite the high achievement test results in financial literacy both for Estonian teenage students and for the adult population the country still faces several challenges.

One upbringing, two outcomes

As a parent and a teacher I like to believe that what you do, makes a difference, that your actions and example affect the behaviour of your children or students.

Simulation game

Teachers can start using a simulation game on entrepreneurship, which is one of the key elements in the Flemish financial literacy curriculum.

Living resources

Did you ever wonder about how financial literacy is provided in different European countries? Thanks to the EUFin project we can obtain insights in this.

More economics studies, please!

Students think that teaching of economics in Estonian schools could be more thorough. Gregor Pihlak (on the left) and Tom Enriko Kelt speaking at the financial education seminar in Tallinn.

Day at the museum

The museum path offers different propositions for children, young people and adults, using videos, games or readings about the main economic and financial themes.